Serve Midland is dedicated to uplifting and empowering individuals and supporting community in our beloved city. Our goal is to come together, have fun, and raise money to support various organizations and causes.

What makes this tournament unique is that the beneficiary changes each year, allowing us to serve various organizations in Midland. We look forward to serving you!

Thank you for your support!

2021 Tournament Benefiting Organization

Supporting Survivors and Resourcing our Community to Fight Human Trafficking

Reflection Ministries was formed in September 2016 in order to establish an emergency assessment center with second stage homes and aftercare programs designed to walk a journey of healing with sex trafficking victims for up to four years in a therapeutic setting. After this four-year period, the goal is for them to live in a supportive community outside of our program.


Understanding it takes a community to journey with people through tragedy, loss and healing. The team has spent two years working with local organizations, business owners and citizens of the city to form agreements to provide wraparound holistic rehabilitative programs to meet the multiple needs of these victims.


The Reflection team has traveled extensively in Texas and the United States building relationships with organizations and forming bonds with agencies providing restorative programs. We have learned from them. Additionally, we have attended numerous training conferences to equip ourselves to work with victims that are trapped in the horrific life of trafficking and the complex trauma that engulfs their lives.


The goal of Reflection Ministries is to invest and walk the journey of healing and restoration with these individuals for at least four years. Victims have experienced so much uncertainty, change, movement, abandonment and violence in their daily lives. We would like to provide stability, safety, healing opportunities, and most importantly God’s love and grace.